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Birthdate:Aug 20
I thought everyone knew, at least by now - this uneven temperament is not a cold, passing with warmth and sweaters, just as this body was not made for consistency, the way it curves and dips like the highway where bends turn to cliffs when least expected. When you insist you love me more than I love you, I will not argue. I don't work that way. I lock you out of my bedroom not because I keep secrets like paperwhite bulbs buried just beneath all of this earth, but because I keep my jars of dirt in here. I carry this rule to walk away before anyone else even thinks to leave. The first time I tried to flee I was five, and there was no spark, no screams or fists. I had a bag, and that was reason enough. This is why my bank account hovers at just enough to let me rush away. One day it will happen. I will get on that plane. This is why I will never love you, or the rocking chair, the silverware sets. It is just the blood in me, a calm blue in my skin until it screams red at the air. One day I will foster an apology, send out cards like funeral notices as eulogy for my transgressions, my abandoned front porch stoops. Until then, I give out warnings: I grow old and tired as oak leaves eventually blown away by the winds that chill bones.
- anythingbutgrey

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tidbits: both f/f and f/m (and moresomes) will do and i'll give any ship a try. i tend to play mary as polyamorous and both pansexual and panromantic. however, mary can be happily committed to a monogamous and is not a cheater, so in a lot of interactions outside of sherlock cast (unless otherwise specified), it can be assumed she's 1. no longer married to john, 2. has an agreement with john, 3. (related to 1) has nudged john directly into sherlock's trousers (for lack of better phrasing and also: she's a johnlock shipper), or 4. she hasn't met john. very rarely do i play her as pregnant (i have literally no interest in pregnancy plots). her canon will be updated as revealed in later episodes of sherlock, but for now, this version of mary is entirely my own personal headcanon. feel free to PM or plurk me for more information, i'm very open to discussing PSLs or fleshing out CR between our characters! ]

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